Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two New Bike Corridors

Last week the city council approved two brand new bike corridors, Hedding Street and Ocala Avenue. Over 20 people spoke in favor of the new bike lanes at the meeting and the vote was near unanimous. This comes at a good time as a new bike sharing/rental program is coming to San Jose by the end of the year.

Source: One Square Mile

Hedding Street San Jose
Hedding Street by Richard Masoner / Cycleicious


  1. The vote was unanimous, with the exception of Pete Constant, who was absent. (Constant voted in favor of the recent downtown bikeways project).

  2. It took some compromise with the Hedding Street homeowners to come up with a solution that preserved their on-street parking but still improves cycling safety on this street. Hedding is a major east-west route, with few low-traffic alternatives due to creek and freeway crossings, and until now it has been one of the most bike-unfriendly roads in the city. With this vote and complementary projects in Santa Clara, the way is paved to have an east west bike corridor from Capitol Ave to Lafayette Expressway.