Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Stats: Best Cities to Trick or Treat

Zillow's ranking of the top cities for Trick-or-Treaters has been updated with 2012 results, and San Jose fared pretty well. These results are based on four equally weighted factors: the Zillow Home Value Index, Walk Score, population density, and crime data. For 2012, San Jose ranked a respectable 5th place. This is up one level from 2011 where we ranked 6th. If the criteria remain the same next year, I think we'll continue to do quite well.

Zillow also released the rankings for the top 5 Trick-or-Treating neighborhoods in San Jose:
  1. Cambrian
  2. Rose Garden
  3. Willow Glen
  4. Santa Teresa
  5. Evergreen Valley

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  1. Can all this Halloween hype end already? New topic!