Monday, March 24, 2014 IndiGoGo Campaign

A new community events website focused on Downtown San Jose is looking for crowdsourced funding to get off the ground. The mission of the project is better connect people, places, and events in our City's core. Matt Spergel, the proprietor of, also believes that this project has the potential to improve Downtown's image, bring more people Downtown, strengthen the community, and encourage new culture.

The perks for contributing to the campaign sound pretty great. They range from chocolate bars and t-shirts, to snacks at a variety of Downtown restaurants, invites to the launch party (complete with magicians, DJs, and laser beams). High rollers can even get a private dinner Downtown with Al Alcorn (the inventor of Pong), Lee Felsenstein from the Homebrew Computer Club, or even Daniel Kottke (Steve Jobs' hippie friend).

Please have a look at the campaign over here. Let's support these projects that will help make Downtown a better place!

DTSJ final from Matt Spergel on Vimeo.

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