Monday, March 24, 2014

Ginormous San Jose Tech Campus Approved!

A campus of ten--yes ten--seven story buildings was just approved last week and is going to break ground this year where Bay 101 now sits. The project will span 2 million SQFT and employ up to 10,000 people. Whichever company occupies it will instantly become the second largest employer in San Jose next to Cisco. The company was not announced yet, but we know it will be a tech company, it's on the Fortune 100 list, and they already have some presence in Silicon Valley. My best guess is either Microsoft or Amazon.

The total cost to build out the campus will be at least $700 million. Another interesting fact is that the entire approval process for this mammoth project took only six months. The City of San Jose really fast-tracked this one and hopefully they will continue to keep up this pace for future development.

Source: USA Today, SocketSite


  1. Looks like Moffett Towers ( but more tightly compacted. I like it. Very curious to know the tenant (I too suspect it's MS)

  2. Tenant must be huge; hence the secrecy. None of the other tech developments were held secret re tenants; Apple, Samsung, etc. Odd but very cool.

    1. Yes, in fact Samsung was announced with a lot of fanfare (if I'm not mistaken, Jerry Brown dropped by for a joint city/state press conference).

      Not to nitpick on the original description, but I think only 1/2 of the space is being occupied by this mystery tenant. I'm not sure if it'll still make it the 2nd largest employer in San Jose. However, it's still a cool 1M sq ft of occupied office space for San Jose, plus another 1M of available space that's newly developed and in a great location (near transit, freeways, airport, etc).

  3. I hope they don't get rid of my favorite 24 Hour Super Sport. Anyone know if they plan on demolishing all the buildings along that row or just Bay 101?

  4. My bets are on ebay. It would allow them to close their Campbell office and consolidate their operations in one place. With 31,500 employees I'm sure they could fill 10 buildings.

  5. It won't be a company that is already headquartered in San Jose, so that puts eBay out of the running. I'm about 95% sure on Microsoft at this point.