Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BREAKING: Giants + A's Decide to Build a Joint Stadium in Downtown San Jose!

In a shocking twist to the territorial dispute between the SF Giants and the A's, a compromise has been reached that absolutely no one saw coming. The Giants and A's are proposing to build a joint stadium where both teams will play in Downtown San Jose! Each team will play half of their home games in the new stadium and the other half at AT&T Park in San Francisco. This will put territorial issues to rest as both teams will essentially be sharing both markets.

The joint ballpark will feature state of the art technology similar to Levi's stadium and will be wrapped in LEDs and digital signs that can change the entire look-and-feel to match the home team. AT&T Park will receive a similar transformation. With access to Caltrain, BART, Lightrail, Amtrack, and BRT... this will be one of the best connected stadiums in the country. Also, the new Downtown San Jose stadium and AT&T Park will be conveniently connected by Caltrain. This story is just developing, more info to come!

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  1. Good post of course, but the somewhat depressing part about this is that it's looking more and more like this might be the only way the A's will be coming to SJ (i.e. via an April Fools Day joke).

  2. Is this an April Fool's day joke or is this real?

  3. Well done, Mr. Santos, well done ... great April Fool's Day gag.

  4. Yeah SJ needs another stadium just about as bad as us residents in SC needed the new SF one...Waste of $$!!

  5. Anon, please, residents in SC are already making full progress towards repaying the stadium debt. In a few years you will stand to reap in a sizable profit from the rent. It was a great risk to take, but looks like you guys made out good with it. Stop whining!

    And SJ totally needs a ballpark....it's for our economic benefits to have one, especially one that is nearly private-funded. It certainly is not a waste of money.

    Bring your ignorance elsewhere, troll.

  6. Don't I wish it was true, not April fool joke. It's so sad that they can't really come up with this project.