Wednesday, April 2, 2014

San Jose Mercury News May Return Downtown

Last October The Merc sold its 36-acre North San Jose HQ to Super Micro Computer, necessitating that it find a new home in 2014. Apparently there are two sites in contention. One would be close to its existing location and the other would be the Legacy Civic Towers at 75 E. Santa Clara. It seems that they are leaning towards leasing 40,000 SQFT at the Downtown location--marking a return home after a 50 year absence.

The location makes perfect sense. Not only is it close to City Hall and where a substantial amount of local news is happening, you have branding opportunities on the top of the building (remember Earthlink), easy access by multiple modes of public transit, all the amenities workers could ask for, and room to grow. They would even have an Ike's Sandwiches and ISO: Beers on the ground floor of the building! Let's hope the Merc makes the right decision.

Source: SVBJ

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