Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Hilton Planed for North San Jose

Haven't had enough of local hotel news? Well, yet another hotel development is coming to San Jose on North First Street. This one will be close to @First, the largest cluster of tech companies in the world, and of course Levi's Stadium. The new hotel will be a Hilton brand, likely Homewood Suites, and have around 145 rooms.

Also worth noting from the Merc article is the fact that there are currently 17 hotels with a total of 3,500 rooms in the pipeline for San Jose. Here is some perspective: during the 15 year period between 1993 and 2008, San Jose added about 3,000 hotel rooms (yes, even factoring in the the .com days).

Source: The Merc


  1. Why in North San Jose? Nobody wants to be in North San Jose for a visit. They should put the Hilton in Downtown San Jose, not North San JO. Downtown is losing a lot of development opportunities to North San Jose in terms of apartment and hotels despite 2 apartment towers and one hotel going up downtown. In Seattle, most would be focused downtown.

    1. Yes, there's no reason to build this, apart from being close to the largest cluster of tech companies in the world, the 237 corridor, the new 49ers stadium....

      It looks like activity next to America Center on 237 as well. I'm hoping that's the Aloft Hotel that was proposed last year. Same lack of reason for that hotel too!

  2. Business people who works in those tech companies in North San Jose would most likely be the targets of these North San Jose hotels. Downtown needs more wealthy residences, not necessarily hotels. There are quite a bit of hotels in and around Downtown already.

    There are also a lot of hotels in the Bellevue and Richmond area of Seattle's metro, due to the tech companies located there.

  3. Downtown couldn't support another Hilton just yet, and the idea isn't just to catch travelers in NSJ ideally, these rooms could be used by workers in Santa Clara, along the 237 corridor. Downtown has only gained more developer attention, we have a healthy slew of proposals literally waiting on funding and approvals. Within one year time construction of ANOTHER 1000+ units in downtown core. 10 years ago they where searching for that first 1000k. San Jose encompasses 170+ sq miles, with downtown core depending how you look and how far you measure is one sq mile. Not all development has to be downtown