Tuesday, May 13, 2014

VTA News - BRT Artwork and Real-time Bus/Light Rail Info

There were a couple nice tidbits of information related to VTA improvements in Sam Liccardo's latest newsletter. The first is a partnership between VTA and the City of San Jose to add localized artwork to 20 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations when they go online. Read the excerpt below for a listing of some of the stations:

"Several of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Bus Rapid Transit stations will be getting enhancements  with public art thanks to a collaboration between VTA and the City of San Jose. 20 stations in all (most including an east/west bound) which will feature vibrant color and unique designs. The artists and each local community collaborated to capture each individual community's spirit. The designs range from informative to whimsical. The art project is in its 'design/development' stage and the stations receiving the art enhancements will include: The Arena (SAP Center), Santa Clara, City Hall, 17th, 24th, King, Jackson, Alum Rock, Story Road, Ocala, Eastridge."

The second bit of news is that VTA now provides their riders with real-time information on where buses and light rail trains are, so you'll never have to guess whether you missed a train or when the next one is arriving. Again, more details below:

"VTA has created a series of four videos to help our customers use their real-time information app for bus and light rail. These real-time information tools tell you when the next bus or train will arrive, which means you don’t have to carry a paper schedule, can anticipate bus arrivals in between published stop times, and can estimate when you’ll arrive at your destination.

Each describes how to access real-time information using a different tool: by calling 511 on your landline or cell phone; visiting m.511.org or 511.org on the Internet; or downloading the TransLoc mobile app for real time light rail information. The TransLoc app for real-time light rail information is also very popular. For more information visit VTA Realtime."

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  1. The TransLoc app for real-time info on Light Rail is absolutely fantastic. Easy to see where all of the trains are at any moment. RTI for buses on the VTA site or at 511.org is not so great. It would be terrific if something as useful as TransLoc could be developed for bus routes. Also, it seems like a no-brainer to have RTI, at least estimated time for the next arrival, at every light rail station. VTA, please do this.