Monday, July 14, 2014

One South and Centerra Time-lapse Photos

Check out the series of photos below taken from City Heights that range from the pre-SPSM days (first photo) to today. If you compare the first and last photos directly, it's amazing what a difference two buildings make.

Huge thanks to David Cheung for sending these in!


  1. Why would someone tear down the old miami beach club and repave it? This is a future development where the Silver Towers are to be built? Why spend our money on repaving something that will be demolished again? This money could be use to paved public facilities.

    1. This isn't public parking, it's a private lot. They tore down the building and added parking before it was sold to KT Properties. It just another source of income now until they start construction.

  2. Look how empty the parking lot is to begin with. They really needed to add even more parking?? Parking craters are NOT how great cities are made, they are how cities are destroyed.

  3. On days when there are big events, these lots fill up. That said, I agree with both Anon's. However, this particular parking lot is marked for development of the Silvery Towers soon to break ground, so quit your whining folks :)