Sunday, September 13, 2015

Deluxe Eatery & Drinkery

A new restaurant and bar called Deluxe is going to open very soon at 71 East San Fernando Street, the address last used by Azucar. They have been posting some delicious-looking dishes on their Facebook Page as a teaser. Chad Ferry is Deluxe's chef and has worked in a long line of notable restaurants such as The Plumed Horse, Paolo's, Spagos, and Lark Creek Blue. I have never had short rib tater tots before, but the concept sounds amazing to me. It also looks like they are going to have some slick artwork in there by local San Jose artist Francisco Franco (see the last image below).

That is pretty much all the info I have right now, but will update this post as soon as I know the exact opening date.

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  1. Well, we tried the place on Sunday. The restaurant is very dark inside. To dark for my tastes. I tried the hash. Flavor was non-existing. The corned beef over cooked. My wife had an omelette. Fresh but again lacked any real flavor. The coffee at 3.50 a cup was very good. All in all, we'll try it again but may wait for the kitchen to get in a groove first. My breakfast was a 2 out of 10, my wife's. 7 out of 10. Rick the GM was, as always, great to see again.