Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New 11-story hotel planned for "Uptown" San Jose

San Jose desperately needs more hotels, which increase our ability to host major events and bring more visitors into the area. Fortunately, a new hotel project has just been announced two blocks away from Santana Row and across the street from Valley Fair. The proposal is for 173 guest rooms in one 11-story building. The first floor would be the lobby and likely some retail or restaurant space, floors two through five would be parking, and floors 6 through 11 would have the rooms. One cool amenity is that there would be a restaurant and balcony on the 11th floor that overlooks the area.

While it would be nice if the building was taller and the parking was underground, you have to remember that this site currently has a gas station and we are well outside of Downtown. It sounds like a nice project for the area, especially since two possible brands are Hilton's Canopy and Choice Hotels' Cambria. Both are very contemporary high-end brands that feature nicely appointed rooms (think W Hotels). This has the potential of being really interesting inside.

Currently the project is in the city planning and approval process with a goal of starting construction in early 2017.

Source: SVBJ


  1. Looks like some sort of medieval fortress or prison to me.

  2. Yah what is up with developers and this city where the buildings have no artistic character? This hotel is BLAND

  3. Josh, I don't understand why no negative comments are allowed. I post plenty of positive, constructive feedback but I am also entitled to say that this building is "heinous." I am not insulting anyone personally and I am a downtown SJ resident with a love and real insight for the city. I have posted two or three critical but wholly civil comments on other entries on this blog which never got published which has made me realize this is not a fluke. Now, if this is a "no critical comment" allowed zone, please state so specifically. And, in the meantime, I will prefer to focus on blogs and outlets on SJ that actually honor freedom of speech. S.

    1. Hmm, that's odd. I didn't delete your post. In fact, it shows up as published on my end yet is not appearing here (probably a Blogger bug). Also I agree that the rendering doesn't look good. Can you try re-posting? Negative comments are completely fine and constructive discourse is encouraged.

  4. Doesn't look bad, but not great either. Pretty "meh."

    Uptown... is that the new name for this area?

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