Sunday, December 3, 2023

Santa Clara County building 213-units of affordable housing in Downtown San Jose

A parcel of land at 675 E. Santa Clara St. at outer edge of Downtown San Jose (16th Street) is going to be redeveloped into affordable housing by the Core Companies and Eden Housing. It would include 113 multi-family affordable housing units, 64 units just for senior citizens, and 36 for-sale BMR (below market rate) townhomes.

There is some pushback from local housing advocates on building height... specifically that it is not tall or dense enough for a new project Downtown. Originally there were going to be a couple four-story building and one 13 to 16 story high-rise. The latest plan has been downsized to an eight-story midrise as well as a five and three-story building. Because of this, Catalyze SV, a local nonprofit focused on community engagement, is not supporting the project as is.

It's worth noting that this isn't sitting right on Santa Clara Street, it's on St. John St. 10 blocks away from San Jose City Hall. It's about equal distance to the core of Downtown San Jose as Little Portugal. While it is a bit of a lost opportunity for another high-rise and maximum affordable housing density, there is enough developable land in the area that some affordable housing and density improvement is better than nothing. 

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