Sunday, November 29, 2009

New SJC Terminal

Several weeks ago I took a Southwest flight down to the LA area and was lucky to get one of the 6 new gates in Terminal B! I think the terminal is already looking fantastic and should be a substantial improvement over terminals A and C when fully opened in mid 2010.

I was going to eat at all of the restaurants (I love food almost as much as San Jose... almost), but due to time constraints I opted to do Shark's Cage--one of the few places that was not available outside of the airport. The food was typical pub fare, but I was impressed by how they made the bar look like it was made out of ice and of course they went all out with Sharks paraphernalia. After walking into the Brit, I was also surprised to find out that a huge chunk of the new airport facing 87 is actually transparent! While it looks like a solid facade from the freeway, the metal is perforated to allow patrons to look out while still blocking most of the sun. Slick design move.

Below are a few snapshots:


  1. I also had a chance to fly out from SJC and the terminal is beautiful and very convenient. I just moved to Axis and from my garage to my departure gate took me only 15 minutes. Now that's urban living!

  2. Congratulations on your Axis condo! (And yes, I am jealous). Usually we talk about how much of a burden the airport is on downtown, but the flip-side is the substantial convenience for travelers. Downtown residents have a great international airport literally minutes away.