Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The San Jose Blog "Semi-anniversary"

It's been exactly 6 months since The San Jose Blog launched last May! I think I've finally gotten into a good rhythm for posting and plan to continue doing this indefinitely (and hopefully post more frequently). We have had some success in changing the perceptions of at least a few people regarding San Jose culture--particularly downtown--and I'm certain this blog will continue to gain traction as the economy picks up and San Jose continues to expand at a faster rate. Think of all the exciting projects on the table right now: downtown A's stadium, high-speed rail + BART, new downtown residential towers, Earthquakes stadium, massive airport expansion... the list goes on and on. Expect many interesting topics ahead.

Now to balance the positives with a little bit of bad news. Since launching I have been linking blogs about San Jose in the menu to the right. Today I decided to go through all of them to see how things are going and here is a little summary:

San Jose Revealed - Mysteriously vanished
San Jose Has A Blog - Taken down due to "Lack of Interest"
Going San Jose - No posts for 6 months
SJ21 - Still in suspended animation 

Thankfully San Jose Metblogs, San Jose Inside, Baseball San Jose, and San Jose Day-by-Day are still kicking, but it's time to replenish the blog list. If you know of a blog directly related to San Jose that I should link to please post the URL in the comments below. Speaking of comments, you can now post anonymously. Thank you again for reading!


  1. Happy Semi-anniversary!

  2. A few you might want to check out (but you'll have to google them, I'm to lazy to include links):

    Silicon Valley Mom's Blog
    Willow Glen Extra
    Mission City Lantern (mostly Santa Clara)
    ARTSHIFT San Jose
    Center Line Soccer
    History San Jose