Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Little San Jose Holiday Spirit

If you want to see the most impressive holiday setups outside of Christmas in the Park, look no further than Lights of the Valley ( San Jose has a number of homeowners that went all out this year. Some of these even have a light show synchronized to music accessible through an FM radio station when you drive next to the home. Nothing beats some free enterntainment to put you in the holiday mood. The San Jose homes mentioned in Lights of the Valley are:
  • 1401 AND 1405 Glacier Dr. (first 2 photos below)
  • 1370 Vallejo Dr.
  • 1664 Pinkstone Ct.
  • 1785 Patio Dr (4th photo below)
  • 1851 Cherry Ave
  • 1925 E. Campbell Ave
  • 2056 Cirone Way
  • 2102 Peachtree Lane
  • 546 Atlanta Ave (3rd photo below)
  • 6226 Hancock Ave
  • 6379 Nueva Ave
  • 6408 San Anselmo Way (last photo below)
  • 6470 Mojave Dr.
To see photos and videos of each home click here or perhaps you can do some quick Google mapping and jump in the car with your friends, family, or both. (Quick update: the Google mapping has been done for you by an Anonymous Santa's Helper below, click here to see where all of the home are!)