Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Flowers - Part 1

In honor of Spring, I thought I would do a weekly post about flowers during the month of April. Why flowers you may ask? Recently my wife was contracted to photograph Kathy Finley's work at Santana Row. Kathy is the person responsible for just about all of the phenomenal floral landscaping at SR and has even begun doing work in Downtown San Jose (good choice Groundwerx, very good choice). If you know anyone that needs a floral architect, her contact information is below. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the flowers.

Kathy Finley
Finley Landscape Design
(925) 785-5501


  1. Awesome photos Joshua! Why can't our real downtown have landscaping like our "fake" downtown? Perhaps the new urban market and future Diridon/ballpark area can take a cue from Da Row! Every been to State Street in Santa Barbara? Very similar to Santana Row.

  2. The good news is that Downtown is moving in that direction, especially along First St. The first photo in this post is also Kathy's work:

    Frankly, the more work she does downtown the better. Adds a whole different feel to the area. If you walk along First between Santa Clara St. and SoFA, you'll notice several improvements like the potters & LED lights.

    The 2 areas you should also be on the lookout for are the San Pedro Square Market and Little Italy. Both should look phenomenal when finished, the Market will be a work of art (literally and figuratively).