Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Stats - Hey, Big Spender

I'd like to start a new weekly feature on interesting statistics related to San Jose. Last week I received a tip about a really slick site called Bundle ( that aggregates all sorts of financial data across US cities. This site's a goldmine of useful information--especially related to us.

The first stat to analyze... San Jose has the 3rd highest consumer spending in the United States with an average annual household spending of $59,022 in 2009. This spending EXCLUDES rent and mortgage payments. This means that despite having some of the highest housing costs in the US, we still get the bronze medal for spending cash.

Let's put this in perspective:
  • San Jose (#3) - $59,022
  • San Francisco (#19) - $45,291
  • Los Angeles (#42) - $39,422
  • New York City (#53) - $37,435
  • Detroit (#Last) - $16,397
  • US Average - $37,782
In all fairness if New York City consisted of only Manhattan, it would beat out San Jose by a hair with spending of $59,602. Even then, it's pretty impressive to think of our spending as on par with Manhattan. For more information on spending, read Bundle's press release. Also if you know any other good statistics regarding San Jose, please post in the comments and I'll use them in future weeks!

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