Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Stats - San Jose has the Highest Spending on Electronics out of ALL US Cities

I have a great stat for you guys this week. This one comes courtesy of my friends at In 2009, San Jose had the highest per capita spending on electronics for all major cities in the country, and it led by a wide margin. This makes sense given San Jose is Silicon Valley's anchor city. So my question is... when are we going to see a flagship Fry's in Downtown San Jose? Come on Mr. William Fry & family, throw us a bone!

More realistically, what I would love to see are some boutique Tokyo Akihabara-style electronics shops somewhere Downtown or in Japantown. There is obviously a very strong market for electronics in San Jose, so someone should take advantage of this demographic and provide a more innovative and unique experience than your standard big-box retailer like Best Buy.

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