Monday, May 10, 2010

Campbell Trying to Steal First Fridays?

Yesterday I ran into the blog post below on San Jose Metblogs. I think I'll take Downtown Campbell's blatant attempt to rip off San Jose's widely successful South First Fridays as a compliment. I just wish they picked another day (second Friday perhaps) so that these events would not have to compete with one another. This could turn ugly.


Spring in Campbell – Downtown First Friday

Stroll tree-lined Campbell Avenue from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm the first Friday each month for late-night shopping, dinning, live entertainment, or just sit at a sidewalk cafe watching everyone else stroll the avenue.
May’s First Friday features the artwork of children 12 years old and younger displayed on Downtown Campbell shop windows as part of the Children’s Art Contest.
Downtown Campbell has a free Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Hot Spots providing outdoor coverage include Gelato Classico, Sonoma Chicken Coop, The King’s Head Pub, and Orchard Valley Coffee.
In 1892, Benjamin Campbell formed the Campbell Water Company, Campbell’s first utility company, and the 130-foot water tower has become a symbol for Historic Downtown Campbell. Explore over two-dozen historical landmarks with a free walking tour map available from the Campbell Historical Museum.
Downtown Campbell directory and parking map


  1. Campbell has been doing first Fridays for many years. This is not a new event. Just about every city down town area has an evening each month like first Friday now a days. Since when did San Jose have a monopoly on the idea?

  2. That's interesting, I don't see any mention of the Friday event anywhere on the Downtown Campbell Website under events:

    If this is a new event, they should have selected another day so that people could enjoy both events.

  3. Anonymous may be right. I vaguely remember seeing signs for Campbell's First Fridays last year.

    However, I don't think they'll conflict much. Take the current art Campbell will be displaying as an example: that of children 12 years or younger. Campbell is all about being family friendly. South First Fridays displays some pretty mature stuff. Different crowds will be interested in each.

  4. In fact, I'd say that's one of the biggest complaints about the South Bay: unless you're married with children this is a dull place to be (something I don't agree with, but I can see where it comes from). So let Campbell enjoy their G rated art. South First Fridays will be fine.

  5. first fridays have been around for quite awhile you should come to visit more often. then you wouldnt just assume that it was stolen

  6. That's the problem, I like downtown Campbell and would love to go to an event like this there... but there is no way I would choose to go there instead of a South First Friday. That's why they should be on different days, so the events don't compete with one another.

    Maybe one day I'll try to do both using Lightrail =)