Saturday, May 8, 2010

Staturday Stats: San Jose fastest-growing among California's big cities!

Posted by xThomasTroublex in the San Jose Development Forum:

The largest numeric growth was in the expected cities: Los Angeles grew by 44,037 people, San Diego by 17,041 and San Jose by 16,237. But in percentage growth, the three that exceeded 5 percent were Colfax, Beaumont (Riverside County) and Sand City (
Monterey County). Sand City, near the former Fort Ord, grew from 312 to 329.

In the Bay Area, the fastest-growing cities by percentage were Oakley, Sebastopol, San Ramon and Millbrae. The only Bay Area city reporting a drop was Fairfield, in Solano County.

The state's population was put at 36,648,000, with Los Angeles at 4,094,764 by far the largest city. San Jose, at No. 3, had 1,023,083 residents, and was the fastest-growing city by percentage among the top 10.

No. 5 Fresno reached the milestone of 500,000, and Oxnard surpassed 200,000 for the first time.

Of 480 cities in the report, 445 reported gains. The four counties that reported a loss are all in the Sierra: Plumas, Sierra, Alpine and Mariposa.

The population estimates do not incorporate the 2010 Census counts.

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