Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final List of 2010 Dine Downtown Participants

Below is the final list of restaurants participating in the 2010 Dine Downtown event... all 32 of them! This is a great way to sample full 3-course meals at the top restaurants downtown without breaking the bank. There are MANY amazing restaurants on the list like Morocco's, Arcadia, and 71 St. Peter. One I'm going to highlight in particular this year as I did last is the Silicon Valley Capital Club. 3 reasons:

1.) You typically need to be a member to access this restaurant. Dine Downtown is the ONLY time you can get up there without being invited to a special event or knowing/being a member. Don't miss out on this once a year opportunity!
2.) The best views of any restaurant in Silicon Valley hands down. There are 2 massive balconies allowing for a 360 degree degree view of Downtown and Silicon Valley... outdoors... from the 17th floor of the Knight Ridder building. I can't think of anything comparable in the Bay Area.
3.) There is a new head chef formerly of Traverse, a Michelin star restaurant. A 3 course meal for $40 by a Michelin star chef is pretty much unheard of.

Full list of the 32 participating restaurants below.  Happy Dining!!!


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    2010 Dine Downtown Participants
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