Thursday, August 19, 2010

Veggielution Now Part of the Downtown San Jose Farmer's Market!

JoAnn Freda just posted some good news on San Jose Metblogs... Veggielution is now part of the Downtown Farmer's Market! This should hold over fans of San Jose-grown produce until the San Pedro Square Market opens up.


Produce Doesn’t Get Much More Local than This

Veggielution Community Farm is now selling at the Downtown Farmers Market every Friday from 10-2 until December 14 (closed the day after Thanksgiving). This means we now have access to the most local and sustainable produce in San Jose. For two dollars you can buy a beautiful bunch of basil that was picked just two hours before you bought it.

In addition to heirloom tomatoes, Veggielution has a variety of unusual and heritage vegetables which means you may find something you’ve never seen or tried before.

The proceeds from Veggielution’s farmers market stand go to support programs such as Veggie Youth and Family Day. So look for their colorful display of approximately 100 pounds of freshly picked produce that has travelled a total of 3.5 miles to the market.
These satisfied customers are walking away with a Sugar Baby watermelon.

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