Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Silicon Valley Maps

For the past 22 years, the history of Silicon Valley has been chronicled by a small map company simply called Silicon Valley Maps. Each year a new map is published highlighting the key players in the largest and most innovative technology center in the world. Looking through each one in sequence paints an interesting picture on which companies managed to survive over time and which weren't so lucky. However, as an added bonus for me, Downtown San Jose's prominence in Silicon Valley has also been chronicled in these maps. Look for the red squares below... do you notice the trend in how Downtown is conveyed over time?

To see all of the maps, click here!


  1. wow - that's totally cool! i had no idea these guys existed! i was about to commission a map! :)

  2. wow! i actually came across one of these in my hometown (Ameca, Jalisco) in Mexico and it blew my mind. It was probably a decade old or so and was of SF, interesting to see the ones made for San Jose