Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Buck Tuesdays Tomorrow ($2 Art!)

Two Buck Tuesday Jan 18th at KALEID!

KALEID Gallery presents
Two Buck Tuesday January 18th 7-9pm
Happy 2011!

Our monthly $2 art sale and quirky people coming-together event is back for the new year and we have tons of goodies for you!

J. Marie Valdivia & Mike Dvorkin of Surgery.Art (along with several of their participating artists) will host a Q&A about their current show “Dark Matter” at KALEID Gallery.

The Samurai, sculpture by Matthew Pugh

Joe Decker will demonstrate how to photograph paintings and other artwork, talking about lighting and filtering issues, avoiding reflections, getting the color right, and coping with digital issues. There may also be a rant about metallic paint.

photo by Joe Decker

Reiji Hirayama will teach us how shoes are made, how to identify quality shoes and will give a demo on how to properly clean leather shoes to make them last. Bring a pair of shoes (non-lacquered or patent calf, bull or horse leather shoes in Black, Brown, Tan, Grey, Burgundy, Red, Navy, Purple, Heather) to participate!
Richard James will talk about his love of collage and the endless possibilities presented by the art form.

Michael Denning will teach a workshop on how to make art trading cards. Make your own art cards for $2!

Shannon Amidon will give a live demonstration of encaustic painting and mixed media techniques. Encaustic is a paint composed of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. Encaustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C.!


Lisa Mejia will create beautiful henna designs for a small fee.

Sonoma Walden Pond will host a vegan tea complete with cucumber sandwiches!

J Swizza will spin some sweet indie records.

David Mejia will be drawing portraits while you wait.

Marilyn Rowe will be recruiting yarnbombers.

Insane Craft Posse will hold a surprise crafting workshop!

Live Painting By:
Kimy Martinez
Erikka Hugger
Jehoiakim Santos
Steven Reece
Jimmy Oliver Halverson
Jean Davis
Jo Anne Yada
Laura Callin Bennett

This event if FREE & all ages welcome!

KALEID Gallery
88 South 4th Street
Downtown San Jose
(408) 947 1785

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