Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Room, John Meeks, Will Sprott at A.D. this Saturday

from Phantom Galleries 

Live music event at Anno Domini this Saturday, February 12th, 9pm sharp!

9pm- Will Sprott
Songwriter & singer of the Mumlers, Will Sprott's great uncle was a paranormal expert who named the Bermuda Triangle. Without the honking, undulating mayhem of his band, the basic elements of words, vocal warble & vibrating guitar strings are more easily heard.
"Sprott is a writer's writer, turning glorious phrases and crafting storylines that employ classic sentiments and themes but tackle them with a unique touch that feels ancient and natural, as if he's got a playbook full of secret audibles that can be claimed for his own." —Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

10pm- John Meeks
"Backed by members of the Album Leaf and Black Heart Procession, John Meeks alternates between sighing fiddle-filled bar-room waltzes and horse-clomp-driven rave-ups. Even when they pick up the pace, Meeks' songs still feel fragile and shaken, his voice thick with I-can't-believe-I-got-screwed-over-again anguish. The arrangements are lived-in and sparse, all the better to highlight Meeks' lovely, man-out-of-time croon, which achieves Buddy Holly-like levels of wounded innocence." —Michael Tedder, CMJ

11pm- Family Room
Evan Jewett, of the San Jose band Worker Bee, abandons the post-punk trappings of Worker Bee in favor of atmospheric country dirges in Family Room. His live band is an ever-shifting cast of friends.

Anno Domini
366 South First Street
Downtown San Jose

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