Tuesday, March 15, 2011

San Jose Metblogs: A Moveable Feast

Well, I was going to post about this awesome event coming up in April featuring 20 food trucks (including San Jose favorites such as Treatbot, Mogo, and Wow)... but Jennifer from San Jose Metblogs beat me to it:

from San Jose Metblogs 

Get your appetites ready because it’s time to FEAST.
The people that put together San Jose Made (SJMADE) Vendor Fair and The Usuals have helped launch a food truck extravaganza for San Jose: SJ Eats!

What: SJ Eats: A Moveable Feast
When: Saturday, April 2nd
Where: Fallon House, W. St. John St. and Terraine St.
When: 11am-9pm; lunch & dinner service (there may be a break between these hours)
Free admission

Follow SJ Eats on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information. (They just announced this today, so give ‘em a bit before that Twitter account kicks in.)

Here are two tips from someone who has gone to a few Off the Grids and Edgewood Eats; bring plenty of cash and hungry friends. When you get to the location, scope out the eats and have your friends stand in different lines. Buy something you’ve never had before, gather with your friends and share!
Then go back for seconds.

They’re planning for 20 trucks – here is a list of some of the trucks involved so far:

Sam’s ChowderMobile

By the way, the second SJ MADE Vendor Fair is happening in conjunction with SJ Eats. Support your local artists and vendors! (SJ MADE is from 12pm to 8pm, San Pedro Square.)


  1. Now I don't have to track each individual truck. This is going to be great!

  2. More DTSJ restaurants bite the dust: E&O and Ruffled Feathers are closing.

  3. What? E&O? When???

  4. March 27th:

  5. What the heck?? Noooooo!

    Anyone have a source of the E&O info besides the twitter post? I confirmed Ruffled Feathers via facebook :/

  6. At least I have word of a new Sports Bar opening up in SoFA...

  7. Ugh, bad news. What is with all these property disputes? Ruffled Feathers closed because of a "complication" in their lease. I heard Bayonne was a dispute with the building owner as well. Do landlords think empty space is good for them?

  8. I really do not get it, either. If any of you remember the VooDoo Lounge nightclub on second street, they had to close their doors for the same reason: landlord's refusal to cooperate with lowering rent costs.

  9. Here's my take: Clubhouse and whatever they are trying to pull off is probably next. Ruffled Feathers was lame, awkward and just blah. E&O is mediocre at best. This is the South Bay... no need to re-invent "Asian" whatever they were trying to serve - and at aggressive prices. And Voodoo is in my neighborhood, so I am not sorry to see the nasty, partied-out girls in mini-skirts puking on the side of my apartment building.

    If you are any older than college age, make a decent income and feel like chilling somewhere cool, good luck. I don't wish any business owner a bad run, but seriously, get your act together, downtown! Where is the City government in all of this?