Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Indomitable Quest

Sharks versus Kings, baby - the playoff craze begins tonight!

With the Sharks' home ice advantage, fans are due for a fantastic run this year, with a revamped team, defensive lines, Stanley Cup winning talent, and a strong will to win (we can all hope, of course). Many players previously on the injured reserve list are back and ready to help the Sharks deliver this year.

The game begins at the Shark Tank at 7:00pm Pacific (just over a half hour from now).

In honor of the upcoming playoff season, here is a little something I call the Indomitable Quest:

The voices of vict’ry come calling,
As the stars of fortune align.
Twenty years of fruitless stalling
Will come to rest, it is now time.

As certain as our desire,
Our hunger within shall reveal,
Intensity potent as fire,
And true hearts emblazoned in teal.

The momentous push begins today –
All opponents look and cower!
It is dominance we shall display,
For the Cup is within our power!

An adroit display of true skill
It what all fans alike shall see.
Tenacity, boldness, and will –
The atmosphere will all agree.

While the LA Kings are the first
To visit the dreaded Tank,
Their progression is only cursed –
The San Jose fans there to thank.

It is time to make our marks
To boldly start our epic run.
For our team spirit, for the Sharks,
We shall persist until we’ve won.

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