Saturday, April 23, 2011


Guest Post by: Melissa Lisbon

We live in the great city of San Jose, full of great sites, entertainment, culture and animal lovers! Did you know that San Jose hosts one of the largest dog festivals in the US? Bark in the Park, held in Naglee Park in September has been the host of dog events and festivities for over 15 years. Ironically, we also live in a city where many residents don't know where their local animal shelter is.  

As residents of San Jose, our local city shelter is the San Jose Animal Care Center. If you have been to this large shelter located on Monterrey Road, you will be able to attest to the fact that it is a very pleasant place to visit.  Natural light shines through this modern structure which was built in 2001. There is a reading room, classrooms, and places to lounge. For San Jose residents, this is our municipal shelter, the place that takes in stray animals and provides our city with numerous animal control services.  

What people might not realize is that the San Jose Animal Care Center has many wonderful animals up for adoption. They have dogs, cats and bunnies all in search of their forever home. These dogs, cats and bunnies range in ages and many are purebred and wonderful mixed breed animals. As you can imagine, given how large the city of San Jose is, no matter how large the shelter is, there is a limit to how many animals they can help. This is the primary reason why you should start your pet search at the San Jose Animal Care Center. You will not only be saving the life of the animal you adopt, but you will be opening up space for another animal to have a chance at adoption. Did you know that you can even register your breed interest on the shelter website and be notified by email when a dog/cat fitting the criteria stipulated comes to the shelter? To sign up for this service for dogs, click here; for cats click here

Not in the market for a new pet but are an animal lover? Consider volunteering some time at the San Jose Animal Care Center. You will be making a big difference in the lives of shelter pets.  

So check it out - the animals are waiting for you down at the San Jose Animal Care Center! Tell your neighbors, friends and family about this great resource in San Jose. The animals will thank you!

Shelter Exterior


  1. Thank you for writing about the shelter, Melissa. My husband and I adopted our dog from there last year and had such a good experience. We are first time dog owners, and the staff was so helpful and patient with us.

  2. I'm so glad to hear this! The shelter really appreciates the support I know. They are very busy, and have so many deserving animals waiting for a home. Have fun with your dog!

    - Melissa
    San Jose Animal Advocates

  3. This is great to know! I hope that more people will hear about your shelter and will come adopt their new family member :) We will definitely help spread the word for you.