Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fresco World Market is Coming to Eastridge

Eastridge mall is getting a new anchor tenant in September! Fresco World Market will feature 34,000 sqft of fresh produce, seafood, and a deli. It's even going to have aquarium tanks with live fish and shellfish. However, what really excites me about this tenant is how eclectic the selection is going to be. There will be imported brands from South America, Mexico, India, and all over Asia. It's a market well catered to the South Bay, one of, if not the most diverse place on the planet.

For more details, just head over to the San Jose Business Journal.



  1. And again, downtown loses.

  2. Ah, Eric. The proverbial turd in the punchbowl. Is someone having a bad day?

  3. umm we are excited about imported food why? I dont want food from a place where environmental laws are even more laxed than ours. produce grown in green glowing water and vegitarian animals feeding on other animals. this is terrible and I live right down the street. the masses will empbrace it cuz they are too stupid to see through it

  4. There should be more American stores, restaurants, and groceries in
    San Jose. Especially on the east side. There are still some Americans there who would appreciate it.

  5. American? You mean White/Caucasian right? San Jose's population is a mix of Indian-Americans, Vietnamese-Americans, Filipino-Americans, and believe it or not legit Mexican-Americans.. So when you say American stores and you mean Safeway and Denny's?

  6. I prefer variety and being able to try foods that are unique. Having an extraordinarily diverse population is a tremendous benefit that we shouldn't take for granted.

  7. I see alot of anger here, but speaking as an
    unemployed person, this store will create jobs
    in this area. Maybe you shouldn't knock
    something until you have tried it. You never know you might be suprised at what you can learn
    about your self and others. Diversity is the
    spice of life.