Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist: For SJ to Host the Best Food Truck Events Ever

While it may have started out as some sort of fad, I think it's pretty clear that gourmet food trucks are here to stay. These trucks allows restauranteurs to keep their overhead low and bring their food to any location with street access. By removing many of the price and location barriers of setting up a restaurant, what you essentially get are true entrepreneurs putting out some of the most creative food experiences out there... all on wheels. Entrepreneurship and creativity is what San Jose thrives on, so what better place to host the ultimate food truck experience?

Thankfully, this is one wish that I think will happen in 2011. SJ Eats 1.0 last month was a learning experience that proved there is a market for food truck events in San Jose. This Saturday, brace yourself for SJ Eats 2.0. More trucks, more space, local music, and maybe even a sneak peak at what San Pedro Square will be like after the Urban Market opens up. Below is the list of food trucks that have been announced so far:

LUNCH (11a-3p) More to come!
Babaloo - Organic Cuban
Bill's Beer Steamed Hot Dog Cart
Cabana Dave's - Globally Inspired
Curry Up Now - Indian Street Food
Hapa SF - Organic Filipino
Iz It - Hawaiianese
Louisiana Territory - Cajun
MoBowl - Rice Bowls
MoGo BBQ - Korean Mexican
Rib Whip
Seoul on Wheels - Nontraditional Korean
Treatbot - Karaoke Ice Cream
Wow - Filipino Silogs

DINNER (5p-9p) More to come!
Curry Up Now - Indian Street Food
Kara's Cupcakes - Dessert
Little Green Cyclo - Vietnamese
Louisiana Territory - Cajun
MoGo BBQ - Korean Mexican
No Way Jose - Mexican
Senor Sisig - Filipino Fusion
Southern Sandwich - Southern BBQ
Tikka Bytes - Custom Indian
Treatbot - Karaoke Ice Cream
Quick Dog - Hot Dogs
Wow - Filipino Silogs
House of Siam
Toasty Melts

For more info, check out their Facebook page right over here

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