Monday, June 6, 2011

Photos of subZERO 2011

This is subZERO!  It was my first time being at subZERO and it was great, a night of art, music, food and friends.

For me it all started off early at 5p doing some behind the scenes photos for Trina Merry the body paint artist.  It was like a zoo, we had makeup artist, hairstylist, painters, models and dancers everywhere.  It was pretty hectic and I’m sure a logistics nightmare dealing with so many people but Dez did a great job of keeping everything moving forward.

In the end even I ended up helping to shuttle and escort the models/dancers everywhere before the show started.

Got some pre-show pictures of the Tahira: the Pure Dance Theatre.  Imani and Trina collaborated together to create an exhilarating mashup of living art.  Elizabeth, one of the living statues, looked great with her intricate hairstyle.  I was able to talk to James, the hair stylist, briefly and he came up with the style as a fusion of Victorian and Modernism.

Got a quickshot of Trina + Regard Tang, one of the Makeup Artist.

Not everything went according to plan, due the sound checks taking longer than expected but eventually the Black Lotus Fashion Show kicked off.  Most of the outfits were gothic in nature and fantastic.

Finally the Tahira Dance Troupe kicked off and it was brilliant!  Part of me wanted to just stop bothering with photos and watch them dance.

Afterwards, went to meetup with Josh and the others at the Single Barrel.  A massive line as always, but worth the wait.

We then went around to check out the rest of subZERO and although I was suppose to do more photos of the event I ended up taking photos of us instead.  I did get some fun photos of us, but the girls would beat me for posting them.

I still managed to get a few shots of what was going on.  The Disco Fish Mobile!

Here are the cosplay body paint models portraying DC comic book characters.   I actually drove Wonder Woman over, pushing the speed limit a few times to make it on time. =)

Luckily got some of the blacklight performers as well before the night ended.

To wind down the night we grabbed some food at the Mogo BBQ truck.  We hung out by the crub while waiting.  Now my question is, will she be towed for stopping?

Oh and I bet you’ve never thought of a massive Tofu Burrito before did you?  Well, the verdict is that it’s quite good.

It’ll have to be something I try next time since I got the tacos instead.  I have no picture of the tacos as I’m busy eating them, so here’s a picture of Josh eating his burrito to wrap things up.  (Get it? Burrito, wrap? haha)

You can check out the rest of the photos at the T2L site here.


  1. ALVIN!!! You ROCK my friend :) Mogo is actually owned by my friend Sam, AMAZING food!!! Great article and photos :)

  2. Thanks Dez. Oh, well tell Sam the tofu burrito is a great idea!