Thursday, September 22, 2011

Content Magazine Kickstarter

To put it bluntly, Content Magazine is the highest quality publication I have ever seen regarding San Jose culture. I think it perfectly encapsulates what San Jose is all about, and where we're going as a community. The last issue featured articles on The San Pedro Square Market, Dishcrawl, Higher Fire, the San Jose Fire Museum, and Sally Ashton (Santa Clara County Poet Laureate). If those sound familiar, it's because those are exactly the types of topics that are promoted on this blog. The difference is that Content Magazine has in depth writing and stunning photos on every page. Come to think of it, it's one of the nicest looking magazines I've seen period.

Content just put up a Kickstarter page to help launch the print version of their next magazine. Please have a look below and enjoy a 90 second video that sums up the project and then read all about what they are planning to use the money for. If you are ready to make a small contribution and get some free swag in the process, just head right over here!


San Jose has long been the hub of tech innovation.  This same type of creativity has also fueled a different side of San Jose--the side that has moveable feasts, fashion shows, artists, tea bars, photographers, and speakeasies, to name a few. 
As residents of San Jose, we started Content Magazine, a life & style magazine unlike any of its predecessors, to tell the stories of these inspiring individuals and businesses in San Jose. It's honest, visually appealing and highlights this creative side of San Jose.

It’s been great publishing online and using Print-on-Demand, but in a world of electronic-this and electronic-that, a physical magazine continues to elicit feelings that an e-reader simply can’t.  Digital is great…but every time we show our pretty iPad friendly version to people, the response is always the same:  "How can I get that in print?" 
So, we're ready to take the next step: to print a magazine that doesn't compromise on the aesthetics.  
We're grass roots.  We’ve defined our vision.  We're building our brand.  But, we aren’t too proud to admit that the time has come to ask for a little help. 
Why should you contribute?
  • You love San Jose, and you want your city to have a magazine with a quality and style that actually represents the people of San Jose. 
  • You think "hyper-local" is a great thing. We like to say we are "for the people of San Jose and by the people of San Jose," so clearly, we do too.    
  • You love supporting emerging artists and celebrating local cultural creatives.  
  • You believe that behind every shop owner, designer, artist and engineer is a story that is waiting to be told.  
  • You like the idea of a localized magazine inspiring you to explore all that San Jose has to offer.
  • You believe that a quality publication has the opportunity to positively influence the way people think of San Jose. 
Where's the money going to go?
We're raising money to:
  • Print the launch issue of Content Magazine with the quality and aesthetic we've always imagined.  
  • Reduce the purchase price for our readers.  
  • Provide printed copies of Content Magazine to local businesses, potential sponsors and city influencers, demonstrating the potential of a quality magazine in San Jose.   
  • And, since you asked, while I'm sure our dedicated contributors have loved eating homemade pastries in exchange for their hard work, we'd love to pay our artists for their time and talent.   
We hope you can see the passion we have for the city of San Jose and the people that inspire us.  Thanks for supporting the vision of our magazine through your contribution.   
Be Content.
"what's inside matters" 

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