Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TWO BUCK Tuesday Today!

from Phantom Galleries 

Join us for an inspired evening of art demos, performances, live painting, scrumptious tastings, $2 art & quirky people get together!! 

TWO BUCK Tuesdays at KALEID Gallery

Tuesday,September 20th, 7-10pm
It's free and open to all ages!

Sandi Billingsley believes all of us can express ourselves with paint. Sometimes we just need a simple place to start. Join her and paint some simple and basic one stroke flowers. Paint, brushes and paper will be provided.

Ward Greunke will allow artists to experiment with a new form of wearable art. Evozip is a system of interchangeable skins for messenger bags that lets people quickly change the appearance of their bag. The skins are cotton canvas and can be decorated with markers or paints and then attached to the bag. Every skin fits every bag. Free skins will be given out on Tuesday night to allow you to experience this new media of self expression. Acrylic paints and markers will be provided!

John Hageman will be hand cutting/finishing shapes out of wood using various tools. Then demonstrating how to assemble them into 3-dimensional wall mounted art.

Canvas Ghosts' Art Party "Beyond the Comic Strip"  is coming up soon.  Stop by our table and make a mask to go with the costume you are wearing to the party!

Jodi Mascarenas will create hair feathers and do another fantasitc sugar skull demo for $2 each!

Scary Craft invites you to "Come Mess with Text!" Pals Courtney and Jo Anne will help you make literature art this month by cutting and drawing on books. What a novel way to transform books that would have otherwise gone into the dumpster or lined a birdcage. As always, it’s all about making art on the cheap! Crappy paperbacks will be provided.

David Mejia our resident sketch artist will draw your portrait while you wait for only $5!

Lisa Mejia will adorn you with lovely henna tattoos for a small fee.

Al Preciado

Kimy Martinez 

Force 129 

Steven Reece
Nik Caesar 


Improvised live ambient/ IDM music by Toaster

Improvisational Belly Dance by Nour El Ain & Setareh, a group of dancers from diverse backgrounds, different dance skills and performance techniques. From budding stars to seasoned performers, this lively group will be sure to get you moving!

As always, $2 art will be on sale throughout the evening!
Tuesday, September 20th, 7-10 pm
free & all ages welcome! 

KALEID Gallery 


88 South 4th Street 

Downtown San Jose 


(408) 947 1785 

Would YOU like to get involved with Two Buck Tuesdays? Let us know!

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