Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photolog: Moveable Feast in Willow Glen

Food so nice, you’d sit on buckets for it. Seriously, buckets. They were handy, just flip & now you’ve got a garbage can. Of course, they also had regular seats, but with there being so many people buckets were the next logical choice.

The turn out was huge. There was probably even more people there, if I hadn’t shown up late. The line at Scoops was massive.

I dropped by the Hiyaaa truck for a Chicken Quesadilla while the line was still short. The quesadilla wasn’t bad, the side salad with it was limp.

A friend got some sweet potato fries at Sanguchon. It was different; I have never seen fries served with chopped salad in the mix with cheese. The rest of us were in line at KoJa. I was quite happy with the KoJa short rib burger due to its cleverness & nostalgic effect. The toasted rice buns reminded of when my mother uses a clay pot to cook rice & the rice at the bottom would become toasted & crunchy. I also ordered the Mochimisu, which just seemed to be a tiramisu with mochi chunks.

Overall, this moveable feast wasn’t bad. It was only my first one though. But it’s still a fun event to be out at. It’s a nice change of venue now & again instead of just a loud restaurant.

On a side note I had just finished a photoshoot with Ruak Styling using Oxford flats & so it was nice to see some girls out there wearing Oxford flats.

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