Sunday, February 19, 2012

San Jose's Steinberg Architects Selected for Gigantasaurous Project in China

This project is so massive I had to make up a word. China is building an 80 million square foot mixed-use project in Changsha and a San Jose firm will be responsible for designing it. That is not a typo, 80 million square feet. This would be the equivalent of 50 Santana Rows side by side or every building in Downtown San Jose 8 times over. 63 million square feet will be residential and the rest will be office/retail. Despite the scope, the 7,000 acre project will "only" cost $3 billion to develop.

Source: SJBJ

Steinberg Architects


  1. Awesome stuff Josh! Perhaps one day Steinberg could design something like this for the "vacant" Mineta Airport site. ;)

  2. But "food" is a typo, yes? :P