Monday, April 16, 2012

SJMADE + SJeats @ San Pedro Square This Saturday!

This weekend is going to mark an epic milestone for San Pedro Square. Three events are going to be happening on the same day: SJMADE, SJ EATS, and the new Saturday Farmer's Market. The icing on the cake is two brand new eateries opening in the San Pedro Square Market, Treatbot Karaoke Ice Cream and Blush Raw Bar and Lounge. This brings the grand total number of places to eat in the market to 10.

For everyone waiting to see what retail Downtown could be like, this is it. SJMADE is bringing dozens of local vendors into two locations, the San Pedro Square Market and a pop up location on Santa Clara Street. If you want to support local entrepreneurs, designers, and craftsmen, this is going to be the event for you. The last few SJMADE events have been a tremendous success, yet I somehow think this is going to top them all.

SJ EATS (run by Moveable Feast's Ryan Sebastian) is bringing 6 food trucks to the event. These include the 1st place winner of the San Jose Taco Festival, KoJa Kitchen--I tried it, phenomenal--and the 2nd place winner, Soulnese. If you're wondering where Treatbot is on the list below, it now has a permanent "truck" inside of the Market.

I think after Saturday it will become very difficult to question the potential of the San Pedro Square Market. The inflection point was hit last week with the first Farmer's Market and this event is going to show thousands of people exactly where Downtown is headed. It's not even optimism anymore, it's a done deal... this place is officially awesome and it only gets better with events like this. Can't wait!

San Jose Made (SJMADE), Spring 2012

San Jose Made (SJMADE) is a vendor fair where local San Jose makers, labels, brands, small businesses, and artists showcase and sell current projects and goods.
For the Spring 2012 installation of SJMADE, we are hosted by San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose. On April 21st, our SJMADE vendors are showcasing goods alongside various San Pedro Square Market merchants.
TWO San Pedro Square locations:
151 W. Santa Clara Street (previously Spiedo Ristorante)
87 N. San Pedro Street (San Pedro Square Market)
FARMERS MARKET (10a to 2p)
Introducing the NEW urban San Pedro Square Farmers Market on West St. John Street.
San Jose's landmark food event, is back with surprises. Enjoy the day's festivities at the new San Pedro Square Market with eleven independent restaurants, a new urban Farmers Market and food trucks from Moveable Feast! Find SJEATS along W. St. John Street at San Pedro Square Market.
    FOOD TRUCKS (5 pm to 8 pm)
    Eat on Monday
    KoJa Kitchen
    Pollo Fritto
    Project Cupcake
    Tandoori Chicken USA
    RESTAURANTS at San Pedro Square Market (11 am to late)
    B2 Coffee
    Blush Raw Bar & Lounge
    Little Chef Counter
    On a Roll
    Pizza Bocca Lupo
    Robee's Falafel
    San Pedro Square Market Bar
    Veggie Box
    Vino Vino
For more information about SJMADE, send us an email at:
For more information about SJEATS, contact us at or

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