Sunday, May 27, 2012

"A Day in the Park" Event Today @ St. James Park

There is a new grassroots organizations in town called IAMSANJOSE whose mission is to bring people together and revitalize San Jose. Their first focus area is St. James park, which has been a homeless refuge for years. They are planning on several events that will not only improve perception of the area, but raise money to clean up the park. All the proceeds from today's event are going to the Salvation Army in order to get the homeless around St. James park the help they need.

Today's event entitled "A Day in the Park" will feature 8 food trucks, live music, and raffles. For all the info keep on reading or have a peek at the IAMSANJOSE website over here.


DATE: May 27th, 2012
TIME: 12pm-5pm PT – 5 hours
LOCATION: St James Park, San Jose (2nd St and St James St, San Jose, CA 95113)
SAN JOSE, CA – New charitable organization, IAMSANJOSE, will launch
on Sunday, May 27th with a benefit event “A Day in the Park” at St. James Park.
IAMSANJOSE’s goal is to revitalize the City of San Jose, focusing first on the
city’s oldest park, St. James Park.
Sunday’s event will bring eight gourmet food trucks and live music to the park
and proceeds will benefit Salvation Army’s homeless services.
Our intent is to revitalize and reactivate the downtown area with initial
emphasis on St James Park. We plan to coordinate a series of events year round
that will bring not only an economic boost but a social rejuvenation to an area of
the city that has long needed it, said IAMSANJOSE co-founder Tin Le.
The estimated 2,000 attendees can expect a variety of food trucks to choose
from, live entertainment, vendors and raffles.
In recent months, we’ve worked with the community to see how we can revive
the park by suppressing criminality, addressing homelessness, and injecting
more family-friendly activity into the park. I’m thrilled that IAMSANJOSE co-
founders Tin Le, Sam Pak and Cary Inayoshi have brought their enthusiasm and
creativity to St. James Park, said Councilmember Sam Liccardo.
IAMSANJOSE Mission Statement. IAMSANJOSE’s mission is a
community development movement that focuses in bringing people together
to benefit the city. Working together with various local business owners and
entrepreneurs, our goal is to revitalize the city of San Jose through large, fun,
social and creative fundraising events for local entities and charities.
About St. James Park
The City of San Jose’s St. James Park has a unique place in history as the city’s
oldest park. The park is surrounded by unique structures the Scottish Rite
Temple, the post office, state courthouse, and the St. Claire Club, all adjacent
to the oldest urban park in California’s oldest civil settlement. The park was
designed by America’s foremost landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead.
St. James Park is also home to many extraordinary events including marches and
rallies, Bobby Kennedy’s 1968 speech, the grisly lynchings, and performances
by presidents, poets and musicians.


  1. Q.
    I know San Jose has a million restaurants, but is there any particular style/cuisine that San Jose is famous for? Or at least is there a particular one that the locals, or the tourists, go for?

  2. It is really eclectic, you can find every type of food imaginable. I think we easily have the best Vietnamese food in the US. Our Mexican, Japanese, Indian, and Korean is up there as well. I'd recommend the San Pedro Square Market for a good cross-section of popular non-chain local foods.

    1. Thanks. I will be in the SJ area in a couple of months and am planning my trip.

    2. Excellent. Definitely check out the San Pedro Square Market downtown first then try Santana Row and Japantown. Let us know about your experience!