Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pagoda is Transforming into a Live Music Venue

Wow, I didn't see this one coming. Pagoda is going to drop their dinner service and instead feature live music by up and coming bands. I have to say this is a surprising and really cool idea. Along with the live music multiple times a week at the San Pedro Square Market, the big events at the remodeled Civic, and almost daily performances in SoFA... the Downtown live music scene is really growing and starting to become alive. Best of luck to Pagoda, I really hope they succeed with the new concept!


SAN JOSE, CA – After years of serving world-class Chinese cuisine in downtown San Jose, Pagoda is changing to meet the needs of our guests and local residents. Effective April 29, 2012, Pagoda will no longer be serving dinner.
“Pagoda is not closing, rather evolving,” says Mike Lerman, Food and Beverage Manager of The Fairmont San Jose. There has been overwhelming demand for an intimate and inviting space to enjoy San Jose’s burgeoning music scene.  Pagoda will provide guests access to international up-&- coming bands, a laid- back lounge scene and serve great drinks. The new direction will be more in line with market demands and consumer trends in downtown San Jose.
Pagoda will continue to serve as home to the Live at the Pagoda music series; now in its second year, Live at the Pagoda has become the South Bay’s preeminent live music venue. Live at the Pagoda’s music events supports 1st Act Silicon Valley’s efforts to strengthen the arts and culture industry in the valley (a San Jose network group consisting of business, civic, and arts leaders).
Pagoda’s next music event is Friday, May 4th, 2012. A live music schedule may be found online at liveatthepagoda.com; additional inquiries regarding private events may be directed to 408-998-3520 or email sanjose@fairmont.com

About The Fairmont San Jose
The Fairmont San Jose located in the heart of Silicon Valley, combines high-tech excitement with the elegance of Fairmont style.  The hotel offers 805 deluxe guest rooms, including 77 luxurious suites, and 65,000 square feet of state-of-the-art meeting space, presented with the perfect balance of contemporary and traditional designs.  The 20th floor is devoted to a collection of grand penthouse suites, with its own private boardroom and spectacular city views. The 4th floor (Cabana Level) features lavish -style rooms framing a 58’ swimming pool, sun deck, men’s and women’s saunas, steam rooms, health club and spa.  


  1. It's embarrassing San Jose and the entire South Bay doesn't have a prominent all ages club. With the closing of the Gaslighter a few years ago and the upcoming closing of The Avalon, this is something we desperately need. Any idea if this is going to be all ages, or another 21+ venue downtown?

    1. 21+ Keeps the level of peacocking down to a reasonable level. This reduces the amount of crime and the possibility of underage drinking.

      What is there not to like about that?

    2. So you're saying Santa Cruz needs to shut down The Catalyst, San Francisco needs to close Slims, Pomona needs to close The Glass House and Hollywood needs to shut down The Roxy, Troubadour and other countless venues because underage concert goers automatically bring illegal activity? The fact is kids under 18 or under 21 need positive things to do with their time, and live music is one of the greatest outlets for that. I was fortunate enough in high school to see some great concerts in the South Bay, but very few of them were at legitimate music-oriented venues. After the Gasligher closed, we were forced to see concerts at churches, rec centers and even arcades. Though it made for some unique shows, I've always been so frustrated having to go to other cities to see "proper" concerts. I now go to college in LA (and I'm now of age) and I've seen all ages venues and they have none of the vices that you mention these places have. They have legit security checking ID's and dealing with any "crime" that could happen and allow everybody to have a great time regardless of their age.

  2. 21+. And it's not new. I've been going to see live shows there for over a year after 10pm when the restaurant closes.

  3. That location would be ideal for a Yoshi's San Jose.

  4. I understand the fear, disconnect and negative history of all ages and underage venues...but we must ask ourselves about what is the long term goal of a successful vibrant, creative urban center...it should include folks under 26. The city stopped allowing under age live venues and made it really tough on venues like the Cactus Club...we then next declaired war on large night clubs that serviced the under 26 crowd...what is next...no one under the age of 35?

    what I hope folks think about is...today's 25 year old is tomorrows fine dinning 45 year old...and if we do not build our audience, have them love downtown at a early age...they will go somewhere else and spend their money! This should not be a either or question...a great downtown has all ages running around together enjoying all kinds of activity...live music for all ages, coffee houses, art films, opera, an art scene, fashion and culinary offerings...not a city just for the over 40 crowd to eat drink and by hotel rooms...but a real city!

  5. I agree with Chris. Its unfortunate the downtown area makes it next to impossible to enjoy yourself unless your 21. Growing up, I've been to many shows in San Diego and LA that allowed all ages. It also gave me a chance to experience the city at its liveliest hours. Being over 21, unless your single, there really isn't much reason to drop into any one of the underwhelming night clubs in the area.