Monday, July 2, 2012

San Jose Bike Party Hosts Third Annual Ladies Ride

Relaxed and Fun Ride Encourages More Women to Ride Bicycles 

San Jose, Calif.—San Jose Bike Party is hosting a special Ladies Ride on Saturday, July 14 at 5 p.m. The Ladies Ride is an annual event organized each summer specifically for female bike riders. Ladies of all riding backgrounds are encouraged to attend, as the pace of the ride will be relaxed. The route is approximately 15 miles through the streets of San Jose.

"Our goal with the Ladies Ride is to eliminate the gender gap in bicycle riding, where we see more en riding than women," said Katie Heaney, a Ladies Ride and Bike Party volunteer. "We hear from any women that they feel uncomfortable riding on city streets. With this ride, we're showing women that bike riding is fun, social, a great way to exercise, and can be low-stress if we find the right routes. That's what Bike Party did for me, and now I hope the Ladies Ride will get more women on bikes every day."

When: Saturday July 14, 5 p.m.
Where: Downtown San Jose, Start Location to be announced
More Info:

San Jose Bike Clinic
San Jose Bike Clinic will assist Ladies Ride participants with bicycle maintenance and roadside assistance. San Jose Bike Clinic, which will be coming soon to a location in downtown San Jose, is an educational organization that is associated with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. The mission of the San Jose Bike Clinic is to provide a shared space for bicycle repair and education and to build a robust and diverse cycling community in San Jose. For more information visit

About San Jose Bike Party 
The San Jose Bike Party mission is to “build community through cycling.” They achieve that mission by facilitating a monthly bike ride that is open to all riders in the bay area. This ride takes place every month on the third Friday of each month. The rides often include thousands of riders on many different types of bikes. Bike Party riders are instructed to follow traffic laws, such as stopping at red lights and not blocking cars. For more information visit

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