Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two San Jose Petitions

Today I would like to plug two petitions floating around related to San Jose. The first is a petition to save the Mount Umunhum Radar Tower pictured below, which is a historical remnant from the cold war. The current plan is to tear down down all buildings on site before converting this area to public use, with the potential exception of this tower if enough people speak out. We do not have many physical icons or landmarks in the south bay, so if you want to fight to save this one just head over here.

The second one is entitled "San Francisco Giants stop holding San Jose Hostage: Give San Jose back to the A's so MLB and the city of San Jose can thrive." Yup, I think that title pretty much sums it up. You can sign this one right here.

Hat tip to John for submitting these two.
Save the Mt. Umunhum Radar Tower


  1. Thank you for your support in signing the petition to Save the Mt. Umunhum Radar Tower.

  2. Just a minor thought here. While I admire the people responsible for the San Jose A's Petition, I think it would help them tremendously to clean up the wording. Especially the grammar. It's a mess. It doesn't help a cause if you are unable to spell correctly or user proper grammar.