Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Stats: San Jose Gains 2,400 Jobs Over the Last 5 Years

Gaining a couple thousand jobs over 5 years may not seem very impressive, but keep in mind we were in the midst of the financial crisis and great recession in 2008/2009. Let's look at the numbers in terms of percentages and compare to other cities:

% Growth in Jobs from 2007-2012
San Jose: +0.29%
New York City: +0.23%
Seattle: -1.92%
San Francisco: -4.2%
San Diego: -5.56%
Los Angeles: -7.27%
Sacramento: -12.11%

In total, 81 major metros have fewer jobs in the private sector today than they did in 2007. So we're not doing too shabby with a positive 0.29%. Now we just need infrastructure to catch up because the increased traffic on the road is starting to get old!

Source: On Numbers

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