Friday, September 7, 2012

Slow Mail

More information on the Zero1 events is trickling out and this one seems particularly interesting. The project is called Slow Mail and it's a mix of the western pre-railroad era and the early days of the internet. It's essentially a relay of horses and riders that are going to deliver physical letters between Menlo Park and Los Angeles, with the key stop being in Downtown San Jose. They are doing a pilot ride on September 12th between Menlo Park and San Jose, and letters will be distributed as part of the "Mail Call" Zero1 event.

Anyone can send a letter for the pilot ride through the, and pick up the letters at the San Jose Mail Call Event. Letters can be submitted online through tomorrow and in-person at the send off event at the Stanford Red Bard, 9am on Sep 12th.

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  1. Notice its no longer 01SJ? The cut the SJ. They're sucking SF's c--k now. In 5yrs this won't be in SV at all. Just watch.