Saturday, October 6, 2012

Keep Hydrated At The San Pedro Square Market!

Are you thirsty? Perhaps feeling a little dehydrated? Did you load up on yummy treats at the San Pedro Square Market and now you're just a little parched? While, yes, vendors sell various sodas, teas, or adult beverages - maybe you just want a little bit of water….

Hah, I know what you're thinking -- "Water?" This post is about WATER? Yes, yes it is.

You see, in the main building, if you mosey around, you'll notice that on pretty much every vendor's couner sits a water dispenser. 

I've seen pineapples, strawberries & lemon, oranges, and cucumbers as common flavors at Robee's Falafel, Loteria Taco Bar, Little Chef Counter, and CrepParis. Head over to On A Roll and you can sample their Jasmine Tea. 

Only one seems to stand out in the crowd... that is Pizza Bocca Lupo. They have a water spigot (with not very cold water.) Maybe someday they'll join the dispenser crowd? (No pressure guys!)

So next time you stop by the Market and are enjoying your lunch, dinner, snack or post-pub crawl munchies… keep hydrated with tasty water!


  1. I noticed this also! I love how most of the vendors have a unique type of water to try out, really good idea.

    I have never been a fan of the tap water in the South Bay, but the fruit infusion makes it so that you really can't taste any impurities.

    Last time I was at the market, Loteira Taco Bar had a really good mango pineapple water. Hope they keep that one for a while.

  2. When is that flipping coffee house going into the front part?

  3. B2 just announced via Twitter today (Oct 10th) that construction has begun! Follow them on Twitter, they might offer updates periodically: