Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Free Wifi

We live in the middle of Silicon Valley in the year 2012. At this point I would definitely expect the entire city to be blanketed in free Wifi internet access.

Comcast is taking some steps to making a ubiquitous hotspot across Silicon Valley, but you have to be a Comcast customer. The internet is becoming the lifeblood of this region, so we need to make sure our infrastructure is very strong in this area.


  1. My wish list: Downtown San Jose is the top of all major cities downtowns. Right now, Downtown San Jose is the bottom of list when it comes to thriving and attractive downtown. In 1994, Dt. SJ was one of the best because most downtowns were no good. They were rundown and sleepy or just quiet like Philadelphia Center City, LA, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta and others. Since then, they all got their acts together and did really well like Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, LA and others. San Jose has fallen behind just about all of them. I'm not saying that its downtown is bad, but since the other cities downtowns have done so well waking up from the doldrum, they all beat downtown SJ today. The top downtowns today are: San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston and Portland.

  2. I recently moved to San Jose ("the center of silicon valley") and was shocked to find out just how little tech there is here. At this point, San Jose is just another third tier city that sits on the other end of the silicon valley rainbow that starts in SF.

    It is laughable, my internet here is -- a lot -- slower than it was in my previous no-name city in the Midwest.

    The "crazy fast" free downtown wifi was supposed to come summer of 2012. It's not here. One day I saw it pop up on my available networks for about 15 minutes, but that was it.

    SJ could be so much more than it is. Young people want to live in cities. SF is way too god damned expensive. SJ needs to step up and flourish.