Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Stats: SJC Has the Top On-Time Performance in California

Since we're just days away from getting an international direct flight to Tokyo, I figured that this would be a good week to do an airport related Saturday stat. Last year, San Jose International was ranked as having the best on-time performance in California. This shouldn't be a huge surprise given our good weather, a streamlined airport layout, and advanced systems for handling luggage. Heck, the last few flights I have taken out of SJC ended up arriving early.

On the other side of the Bay, SFO came in dead last in terms of on-time performance for California airports.

In terms of all medium to large airports in the US, San Jose ranked 4th in on-time performance, Oakland claimed the 17th spot, Sacramento took 20th, and SFO ranked 64th. 65 airports were evaluated.

Source: SiliconBeat

Mineta San Jose International Airport gets lift from top ranking for best on-time performance in California

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