Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rockage 2.0: Three Day Celebration of Indie Music and Retro Gaming

A super cool event kicks off tomorrow at the San Jose Woman's Club tomorrow in Downtown San Jose. Imagine mixing three days of local indie music with vintage video games, food trucks, and just plain ole good times. The Friday night band lineup is all San Jose bands: Curious Quail, Cartoon Bar Fight, Good Hustle, San Francesca, etc. The bands will also be manning video game console booths during the event.  I really hope to see this event grow in the future, this sounds awesome!  Check out all of the relevant links and the lineup below:

#rockage: san jose information:

LIVE MUSIC LINEUP(updated 2/2):
rockage2.0 schedule FRIDAY 2/8 (3pm-11pm)
3:00pm  5:30 DJ Camo / Seabright
5:30  6:00 The Albert Square
6:10  6:40 Hello, The Future! (keynote)
6:50  7:20 San Jose State University Dev Club
7:30  8:00 Bit Brigade! (performing Contra)
8:10  8:20 Make A Scene San Jose
8:30  9:00 Curious Quail
9:10  9:40 Cartoon Bar Fight
9:50  10:20 San Francesca
10:30  11:00 Good Hustle

rockage2.0 schedule SATURDAY 2/9 (noon-11pm)
Noon  2pm DJ Mr Smith
2:00  2:30 Cartoon Violence
2:40  3:10 (panel)
3:30 - 4:10 Jean Baudin
4:20  5:00 indie game dev (panel)
5:10  5:40 Gnarboots
5:50  6:00 Silicon Valley Roller Girls (panel)
6:10  6:50 Slime Girls
7:00  7:40 Shinobu
7:50  8:40 Bit Brigade! (performing MegaMan 2)
8:50  9:30 crashfaster
9:40  11:00 Minibosses

rockage2.0 schedule SUNDAY 2/10 (noon-8pm)
Noon  12:30pm DJ Coco
12:30  12:50 Dr. Awkward
12:50  1:30 Mega Ran
1:40  2:10 Dog Party
2:20  3:20 Jazzybosses (jazzy minibosses)
3:30  4:00 Psycho Donuts (eating contest)
4:10  4:50 Urizen
5:00  5:20 TheMADE (panel)
5:20  5:50 chiptune 101 (panel)
6:00  6:10 Meerenai Shim
6:20  7:00 Matthew Joseph Payne
7:10  7:20 Prizes / Thanks
7:30  8:00 Bit Brigade! (performing Castlevania)

Special Guests:
Friday 2/8 -
HELLO, THE FUTURE (keynote speaker)
MAKE A SCENE SJ (music showcase)
MAGICAL TIME BEAN (indie games)

Saturday 2/9 -
John Gentile of PUNKNEWS.ORG
TheMADE (Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment)

Sunday 2/10 -
FUN FUN RECORDS (music showcase)
EIKO'S BALLOONS (balloon artist)
PSYCHO DONUTS (eating contest)
8-Bit SF (chiptune panel)

Gaming Tournaments (subject to change / more TBA):

NES arcade run by SAN FRANCESCA
Friday: Dr. Mario
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: Tetris

SNES arcade run by CURIOUS QUAIL
Friday: Tetris Attack
Saturday: Street Fighter 2
Sunday: Super Mario Kart

N64 arcade run by CARTOON BAR FIGHT
Friday: Diddy Kong Racing
Saturday: Goldeneye007 + Mario Kart64
Sunday: Super Smash Bros

Gamecube arcade run by GOOD HUSTLE
Friday: Mario Kart Double Dash
Saturday: Super Smash Bros Melee
Sunday: Super Bust-A-Move

DJ Hero tournament run by TBA
Friday: DJ Hero 2

Guitar Hero tournament run by MINIBOSSES
Saturday: Warriors Of Rock

Food Trucks (subject to change):
Friday 2/8 - Sonia's Sweet Eats
Saturday 2/9 - Tasteebytes | House Of Siam on Wheels | Treatbot
Sunday 2/10 - House Of Siam on Wheels | Treatbot

DJ CAMO / SEABRIGHT: KSCU Santa Clara's local spin master, electronic solo artist
THE ALBERT SQUARE: witty pop rocker from Milpitas, <3 Axis & Allies
HELLO, THE FUTURE!: geek folk rock from Los Angeles, rockage2.0 keynote
BIT BRIGADE: jaw-dropping, live speed run gaming band from from Athens, Georgia (performing all 3 days! 3 different NES games!)
MAKE A SCENE SJ (showcase 2/8): South Bay all-ages music movement inspiring young people to become more involved in their local music scene
CURIOUS QUAIL: folk pop gamer faction from San Jose
CARTOON BAR FIGHT: gloomy indie folk ensemble from San Jose
SAN FRANCESCA: alluring art pop trio from San Jose
GOOD HUSTLE: notorious afrobeat idols from San Jose, supreme party starters
DJ MR SMITH (MSTRSMTH): chip-dustrial disc jockey from San Jose
CARTOON VIOLENCE: Nerd rock group from San Francisco, level 99 geeks
JEAN BAUDIN: 11-string bass virtuoso from Redwood City, YouTube star
GNARB00TS: infamous punk/ geekcore trio from San Jose, unmissable chaos
SLIME GIRLS: hyper chip rockers from San Juan Bautista, otaku deluxe
SHINOBU: Unstoppable indie punk group from San Jose circa 2002
CRASHFASTER: chiptune powerhouse from San Francisco, 8BitSF guru
MINIBOSSES: Legendary Nintendo rock band from Phoenix, not mini
DJ COCO: Jpop anime indie punk selector from Yokohama, Japan
FUN FUN RECORDS (fun fun kids day 2/10): kid-friendly rock music label
DR. AWKWARD: Next gen hip hop artist from San Diego
URIZEN: electronic-influenced heavy rock band from Texas
MEGA RAN / RANDOM: Celebrated nerdcore rapper from Phoenix by way of Philadelphia
JAZZYBOSSES: Legendary Nintendo jazz band from Phoenix
DOG PARTY: teenage pop punk ninja sisters from Sacramento, guitar/ drum duo
MATHEW JOSEPH PAYNE: Multitalented chip doom from Oakland, drums in Glowing Stars


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