Saturday, March 30, 2013

San Jose Metro Ties for No.1 Job Market in the US

According to a new study that Forbes put together, the San Jose area has tied for the No.1 top job market for Spring 2013. This was calculated by looking at the percentage of employers that are planning to add jobs, and subtracting the percentage of employers planning to cut jobs. Forbes is calling this metric the net employment outlook. San Jose came in with a staggering 23%. This means that the market for employees is going to get even tighter this year, unemployment will drop, and salaries will likely rise even higher.

Tied for 1st place is Portland-South Portland-Biddeford, Maine, which needless to say has a much smaller workforce than the San Jose Metro. Third place was another tie between Salt Lake City and Tuscon.

SF was not on the top 10 list, and the NYC metro was actually on the bottom 10 list.

Source: SVBJ, Forbes

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