Sunday, March 3, 2013

San Jose Sizzles Videos

2 Minute Version

7 Minute Extended Cut


  1. These are old videos. Did you run out of topics to put on your blog?

  2. Anon, you want your money back?

  3. Very glossy videos with very selective scenes. Sorta misleading.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Mr. Anon above! Shoot, next time when I go to a new 1st date, I'll make sure to be in my PJs and bathroom slippers, instead of my usual GLOSSY "date-getups".

    It's a commercial vid man, does it kill you to just enjoy it and say "Nice vids, SJ ain't so bad, eh?"

    Shoot, the commercials for India's Taj Mahal doesn't tell you about how the road leading to it are filled with lined with stinky camel poops and hundreds of "tour guides" whose desire to "guide" you go above and beyond--such as hanging onto your partly-opened car door while shoving his tour badge into your mouth. Most commercials wouldn't tell you that the place next door to the Taj, Agra Fort, has an awesome view of the Taj, and has about TEN times the splendor/magnificence of the Taj.