Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 2013 Downtown Dimension Highlights

Here are my notes from the latest edition of Downtown Dimension:
  • The SJ Storefronts Initiative will help small businesses lease vacant spaces up to 20,000 SQFT by providing as much as a $16k grant (in the form of reduced or eliminated building and occupancy permits). Note this is targeted directly at retail, restaurants and service-oriented businesses do not qualify.
  • Bike sharing goes live this month with a fleet of 200 bicycles across 20 different stations located Downtown (and one in Japantown).
  • SP2 is now open in the San Pedro Square area.
  • Konjoe Burger Bar is now open at the San Pedro Square Market [Josh: and it is awesome, Bray Butcher Shop is also open].
  • The Fairmont is doing a $5M renovation, including mirror TVs in the bathrooms, new beds, and decor.
  • The Gold Club bikini bar had its grand opening Aug 8-10th.
  • BJ's is replacing Chevy's at the San Jose MarketCenter on Coleman.
  • Cisco has decided to invest $50,000 each year in ZER01.
  • The Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater at The Tech is one of the top 10 attended IMAX's in the US.
To read the full newsletter, click here!

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