Sunday, October 27, 2013

San Jose Fire Department Video

Pretty cool video below featuring the San Jose Fire Department. I'm not sure what the video is promoting, but I like it.

Source: I Heart SJ


  1. Lenders are no longer kings! Cash are abundant these days for many developers to ask for loans. Evidences of that is happening all over the country like the stalled Park Avenue West project getting started again after 5 years of hiatus in Portland, Ore. Money is now easy to come around, provided the developer ask for them and put some equity down. It means that local developers have a much easier go of it if they want build towers in Downtown San Jose or any urban center across the country. It's happening all over the country like lightning storms. Just look at Boston, Denver, Orlando, Texas Cities, SF(case of Transbay block 6 just received a loan to build a highrise residential tower) and many others.

    1. GNB, any info on when the Hampton Inn will break ground? I saw that it was already approved by the city.

    2. No new info on Hampton Inn. Have the feeling that the revised design of the building, requested by the city and its residents, is just too expensive for this developer to swallow, and he probably quietly backed out.